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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual-Office24 in the form of a postal/dependance address

What is a virtual office in the form of a postal/dependance address?

Booking one or more postal/dependance addresses with Auxilium Virtual-Office24.com is the easiest and most cost-effective way to open and manage virtual offices in top locations around the world. It can be used in addition to an existing business address or company headquarters in order to expand with further locations/branches.

What is a postal/dependance address suitable for?

Such an address is not a so-called “mailbox address”, but an officially recognized business address in a top location. It is ideal for:

  • Scaling of your business and expansion – worldwide if desired – by opening further branches / locations for your company
  • Use for marketing purposes (e.g. for location information on websites, print media), in particular to gain visibility on Google on page 1 and thus have an opportunity to acquire new customers at low cost
  • Receipt and forwarding of your incoming mail, e.g. B. Letters and parcels (incl. digitization of the mail items and making them available in a digital post box)
  • Use as an e-commerce return address
How does a postal/dependance address work?

The postal/dependance address is based on a simple idea:

When something is dropped off or mail/parcels arrive, everything is accepted and registered by the post/dependance team. Our customers receive an email notification immediately and can then digitally decide how to handle the mailpiece by logging into their account via browser or app. There are various options available: You can scan your mail into a searchable PDF and have it entered into the system, then download it yourself with high-security encryption onto your own computer, make it available in a protected data room for your other locations, your own field service or external parties or/and have it physically forwarded to any address in the world. Alternatively, the option “have it shredded securely” (e.g. for advertising) can be selected. GoBD-compliant incoming mail archiving is also an option.

What is a Postbox (also called PostButler)?

Post IN box

The PostINbox is the tool with which the entire incoming mail is digitally recorded, managed and made available to customers worldwide for retrieval. It is high security encrypted. The insecure e‑mail delivery of received mail is therefore a thing of the past.

At 67 out of 78 locations, it is already an integral part of a postal/dependance address as soon as it is booked. It can only be booked optionally and inexpensively for Berlin (Charlottenburg, Kurfürstendamm, Treptow), Düsseldorf, Hamburg (Hanse-Viertel, Eppendorf), Hanover, Cologne (old town, new town), Oldenburg and Stuttgart or for your own domicile.

Post OUT box

Using the PostOUTbox , every customer can send their physical mail just as easily as an email with just one click . It doesn’t matter whether it’s classic letters, registered mail, invoices, dialogue mail, etc. OUR CUSTOMERS create the mail items as usual (e.g. using their word processing program, invoice program, etc.) and print them out on one of our printers. WE fold, insert, frank your outgoing mail and send it to the post office just in time. Finished. And you can still save up to 40 % of the usual costs . As a special service, we offer to have texts written or proofread about us.

Can I register my company under a postal/dependance address?

Unfortunately, this is not possible with a postal/dependance address alone – and depending on the country, could be considered illegal by the authorities.

To register, please use the business address and/or domicile address so that you can also apply for entry in a register (e.g. commercial register). As part of this design, you always receive a solution that covers the different legal requirements at the individual locations. You can easily book a business address or a home address during the checkout process.

How do I choose the location?

First of all, select your desired city/region. A top location is then of crucial importance within the region, because this is where you represent your company. We therefore recommend “hands off” from low-cost providers in suboptimal locations or buildings.

Will my company name be recognizable on the mailbox?

Yes, this is ensured individually in the 78 locations – partly also electronically. Every visitor is informed here in accordance with the statutory provisions.

What are the notice periods?

The notice periods are 3 months to the end of the respective contract year.

Is your service secure?

Security is very important to us. All your data is high-security encrypted via the Postbox and the physical mail items are kept secure in accordance with data protection regulations. Passwords and all your data are managed through secure servers. All staff who handle mail are thoroughly trained, screened and security committed.

Can I also receive emails for my personal and business name?

Yes, you can – simply enter the personal and business name you want the inbox to receive mail for in your account’s Mailbox settings.

Can I receive emails for different people/companies under one account?

Yes, this is possible, but you can only receive one personal and/or business name per mailbox. From there you can then – via secure data rooms within a so-called file server – make the mail items (or all other files) available digitally to any desired recipient. You can then work together on the data in your own “environment”, because the names for each mailbox can be changed at any time. You can also rent several Postboxes and thus scale unlimitedly.

Do you accept both postal and parcel deliveries? Is there a size and volume limit?

We accept all postal items and parcels up to the standard dimensions and weights defined by DHL ( Information about DHL products and prices | Shop Deutsche Post ). However, bulky goods according to this definition are not. If you would like to use our service for parcels outside of the usual sizes/weights and volumes (fair use applies here), please let us know so that we may make a special arrangement and tailor our services to your needs.

Do you receive mail and packages from all couriers?

We accept mail and parcel delivery from the Post Office, USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and all other post and shipping companies. Our offices are open during regular business hours and we take all your mail and parcel deliveries. For all items that require personal identification (Post ID or similar), we require additional authorization from you.

How long will my digitized mail be stored and my physical mail be kept?

Your digitized mail will be stored for as long as you wish. We also store your physical mail items. Please note, however, that this involves additional costs, which you can find in the price lists in the system . We therefore advise you to instruct us promptly in each case regarding the final use.

Where are you forwarding my physical mail pieces and when?

Our mail forwarding service ensures you only receive the physical packages and letters you really want. You can let us know by clicking in your mailbox. We will then send it to you with the next group post (scheduling will be agreed with you) or immediately to any destination in the world. We use the classic postal and courier services.

Can I have multiple forwarding addresses?

Yes, that is possible! You can easily add and manage them all in your account.

Can I pick up my postal items personally?

Yes, you can pick up your items personally at most of our locations if you order them in your post box in good time. This helps us in the preparation and planning. When you come to our location, please bring your ID with you. The costs for collection can be found in the price lists in the system. Special situations – such as B. a pandemic situation – can mean that this service is not or cannot be offered nationwide at our locations.

How quickly is new mail registered?

Mail is usually registered within 12 – 24 hours of its arrival. Immediately after registering, you will receive an email that you have mail. You then look in your digital mailbox and instruct us on how to proceed (scan, scan and send, only send physically, destroy).

How do you destroy the mail if I instruct you?

If you instruct us accordingly, we will always do this in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations . This step cannot be undone.

Virtual office as a business address

What does a virtual office include when designed as a business address?

Basically includes the Business address all services of Postal/Dependance address . Additionally but this one is too imprintable. This means you can not only use it as another location, but also as a Imprint address on your website because it is chargeable. This means that public notifications are also considered “delivered” here. It can therefore be used for entrepreneurs who are not required to be entered in public registers (e.g. the commercial register) – e.g. B. sole proprietorship or freelancer – also serve as company headquarters.

When do I need a virtual office designed as a business address?

Every company should have a representative business address in a top location. Regardless of whether it is a start-up or an established company. It ideally complements a home office because your private address remains private. At the same time you increase your external impact and the image of your company immensely. The business address gives you clear competitive advantages.

An easily accessible business address in the best location also creates trust for your customers and business partners and conveys maximum seriousness.

It can also be the basis for expanding with additional postal/dependance addresses and scaling your business.

Virtual office as domicile address (company headquarters/business premises)

What does a virtual office include when designed as a domicile address?

Basically, the domicile address includes everything that is provided to you via the postal/dependance address and the business address.

In addition, the domicile address gives you the right to use a workplace at this location and to store documents there.

The domicile address is therefore suitable for establishing a company headquarters here and for obtaining a tax number.

What is a company headquarters and what are the requirements for use?

The head office is the headquarters of a company. The prerequisite for registering a company headquarters is the rental and corresponding use of a suitable domicile. That’s why we call it domicile address” . This then finds z. B. Use when registering a business, when registering in the commercial register or when entering information in the imprint of the website. A domicile address is suitable for a company headquarters if it contains a summonsable business address, a telephone and fax number, as well as an unrestrictedly usable workplace with the possibility of storing documents securely there.

When do you need a virtual office designed as a home address?

In principle, whenever a company is to be established at this address – i.e. founding a company headquarters – and the company is to be or must be entered in public registers (e.g. commercial register).

A company can have many branch or business addresses. In principle, however, there is only one company headquarters (a statutory headquarters and an administrative headquarters). In order for this to be recognized as such by the authorities, a domicile address is always required, which ensures the legal requirements of the respective country. Through AUXILIUM Virtual-Office24.com we ensure this for every office rented through us at every location.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Do you operate all locations yourself?

No, Auxilium Virtual Office 24 is an association of – mostly owner-managed – business centers and service providers from which we buy the services for our customers and members in large batches at low prices, pool them and thus pass on the price advantages to our customers. We are your contractual partner. You only pay directly for special services that you use directly on site.

What do I have to consider if the statutory seat is different from the administrative seat?

Since 2008, it has been possible to distinguish and separate the registered office (the registered office in the articles of association) and the administrative headquarters (the place where business is conducted) for a GmbH or AG. In order for an administrative headquarters to be recognized as such, there must also be a permanent establishment there.

How is a "permanent establishment" defined?

Put simply, a permanent establishment is a business address where business activities take place. It does not necessarily have to be specific premises, but simply a place where the company is active and where e.g. B. the business is conducted (typical business activities). The location of the business premises regulates which trade tax rate is to be applied.

Is the company headquarters decisive for the trade tax rate?

The city/town in which the business premises are located is decisive for the trade tax rate. The company headquarters is therefore only relevant for trade tax if the administrative headquarters, i.e. a permanent establishment, is also maintained there.

Is the company name on a mailbox enough to move the company headquarters there?

No, a mailbox is not enough. If the entire company headquarters is to be relocated, a domicile address must be maintained there in accordance with the provisions of national law.

Is a company headquarters always a permanent establishment?

The company headquarters can be divided into statutory headquarters and administrative headquarters. No permanent establishment has to be maintained at the registered office, but it does at the administrative headquarters.

Is a virtual office legal?

It depends on the implementation. Stay away from “cheap sellers” who will sell you a shell company. With us, a virtual office is always legal because it is officially recognized. With a virtual office, a business address or a domicile address, you create the conditions for yourself (and for your employees – e.g. in the home office) to be able to work from anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, you present yourself there – at top locations where you want to be present – in an optimal way. And that for little money.

What is a shell company?

Honestly? Something we don’t want anything to do with. This is usually a (bogus) company that often has no real working capital and is often founded as a bogus company with fraudulent intent. We do not give such companies a home. You will only receive officially recognized addresses from us, in whose premises there are offices with friendly and qualified staff as well as absolutely reputable companies.

Can I rent multiple virtual addresses?

Yes, of course, that’s actually pretty clever. Because with each additional location, you become a “regional provider” in the region in question, which Google particularly rewards with a good ranking. For you, this means that if you rent additional virtual offices, you will move from “regional” to “supra-regional” – in other words, rank better nationwide and be found. If you e.g. For example, if you rent 12 addresses in Germany, you can already be found on Google almost nationwide on page 1 (each in the relevant region). You can find out more about the topic ” Multi-location strategy with the dependance model” here

What is the difference between a business address and a domicile (company) address?

Since the terms are not protected, you always have to take a very close look at the individual providers. With us you can basically get virtual offices in 3 different configurations:

  1. As postal or branch addresses with which you can scale and expand your business nationwide, Europe-wide or even worldwide. However, these are not suitable for the first company headquarters. If the 1st company headquarters does not yet exist, design it e.g. B. with a domicile address.
  2. As business addresses with which you meet all the criteria from point 1. In addition, these are also suitable for public deliveries because they are chargeable. You can also use this address for the imprint.
  3. As domicile addresses , with which you can fulfill all the characteristics of postal, branch or business addresses. These are also suitable for us for the first company headquarters, for applying for a tax number and for entry in public registers (e.g. commercial register). This makes them ideal as a company headquarters for e.g. B. a GmbH or UG.

    Find out more here

    How does the tax office treat virtual offices?

    Virtual offices are not “handled”. Other criteria – essentially the legal form, market presence and geographic location – are decisive for corporate tax.