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Die eigene Firma an Top-Standorten in bester Lage repräsentieren!

Virtual Offices weltweit an 78 Top-Standorten mit Bestpreisgarantie

Virtual Offices weltweit an 78 Top-Standorten mieten, mit Bestpreisgarantie ab 34,95 € pro Monat

Kostenfrei für unsere Kunden

Die Google auf Seite 1 Option

Mit dem Dependance-Modell kontinuierlichen Besucherstrom erzielen

  • Mehr Anfragen
  • Mehr Neukunden
  • Mehr Umsatz

Erreichbarkeit macht erfolgreich!

Erreichbarkeits-Service rund um die Uhr für Ihre Anrufer, Webseitenbesucher & E-Mailanfragen

Kein Neukunde geht mehr verloren

  • Wir gehen für Sie ans Telefon und melden uns in mit Ihrem Namen
  • Wir begrüßen Interessenten auf Ihrer Webseite & führen Sie mit Ihnen zusammen
  • Auf Wunsch kümmern wir uns um Ihre E-Mailanfragen

Expertentrainings & geniale Tools zur Auftragsgenerierung

Kurse und Webinare

  • Am Telefon & in Video-Chats Aufträge generieren
  • Skalieren Sie Ihr Business bundesweit


  • Virtueller Meetingraum: gewinnen Sie ortsunabhängig Neukunden
  • „Auftragsgenerator“: erreichen Sie Ihren Kunden auf Anhieb
  • Setzen Sie einen virtuellen Verkäufer für 0 Euro ein

Virtual Office – best advice at 78 locations worldwide from €34.95

Our portal always gives you the best business address ( best advice ) at top locations with the best price guarantee 1 . Without exception, our virtual offices or domicile addresses are officially recognized addresses . You can use these completely freely without the c/o label .

Do you also like to trust experts? For years we have specialized in the provision of virtual office locations and personal assistance services and can now offer them to you worldwide
Set up 78 locations at an unbeatable price/performance ratio 1 .

How is that possible?

Mainly because we have a strong membership community and we can therefore buy the virtual office offers in large batches worldwide . We pool the purchased batches and pass on the negotiated benefit packages to our members. Join Now!

1 If, within 30 days of your booking, a product bundle is offered at your desired location with the same scope of services at a lower price, we will either go with this price or you can switch immediately without notice and get your money back.

Best Price Guarantee
Google my business

The G o o g l e Page 1 option

Who does not want that? – But do you also know? It often doesn’t work. The competition seems too strong. Not anymore. We help you to achieve a continuous flow of visitors so that you:

  • More requests
  • More new customers
  • More sales


How shall we do it?

First of all, all our virtual office addresses are officially recognized . This means that G o o g l e ranks your new address preferentially for regional inquiries. They therefore rank higher per sé than national entries.

In addition, we bring all addresses rented from us, enter them on # Google my Business and set up the account ready to go. All this is already included in the price for a location in the DA-CH region and is therefore free of charge for our members. This increases your visibility and regularly wins more new customers . If you wish, we can also take care of your account in the long term, so that your reach increases even further. We would also be happy to set up additional accounts for you at additional locations. Feel free to contact us.

Accessibility makes you successful!

Do you know that too…

A potential new customer calls you and neither you nor your employees can answer the phone right now because…

  • you are in the meeting
  • make lunch
  • Your employees are currently providing services or advising customers …etc.

Then runs a mailbox, an AB or none of all that?

You know that interested parties usually don’t call a second email if they can’t reach anyone personally during normal office hours?

How much money can that cost you? Don’t let yourself lose new customers unnecessarily. From as little as €9.90 per month we will be “on call” for you!

We answer the phone for you!

Reachability service
  • If you are unavailable or otherwise
  • Constantly, as your antechamber
    • Either on weekdays from 07:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.!
    • Or 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

We welcome visitors to your website…

Site welcome

…and bring them together with you!

Accessibility makes you successful!

Do you know that too…

  • You are surfing the Internet
  • Searching for a specific product or service
  • Come to a website and…

… don’t know where to click or how to proceed?

  • You are annoyed and want to leave the website again…

Now how about if Auxilia – a virtual assistant – greets you and asks how she can help you?

On average, less than 2% of website visitors take a desired action.

Can you imagine that YOUR website visitors are enthusiastic about such an approach and get involved in carrying out the action you want (e.g. arrange a consultation appointment, request documents or even place an order)?

Experts – Training for order generation

Just assume your new virtual office does exactly what it’s supposed to do – namely generate regular inquiries for you.

The potential customers want to be advised ONLINE and are even willing to buy or conclude a contract.

How do you “close the bag” in ONLINE sales?

For all those of you who still need this, we offer you free online training as part of your membership.

Advise & sell successfully online!

Online advice

Ingenious order generation tools

Do you know that too…

  • You have sent an offer
  • “Dutifully” follow up
  • Now there are 3 regularly recurring – unsightly – scenarios

version 1

You don’t reach your potential customer and you have to try again and again…

Variant 2

You finally reach your potential customer, but he hasn’t looked at your offer yet

Variant 3

You reach your potential customer, but in the meantime he has closed with a competitor.


With variant 4 (our order generator) this no longer happens…


In our infotainment area we offer you the latest and best specialist information in the industry. And that for free! We also inform you about helpful tools for entrepreneurs and founders.

i talk24

More sales with brilliant voice and video messages


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