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Successful with the Virtual Office Concept
by visibility & accessibility

Expand with your personal virtual office concept

Represent yourself in up to 78 locations nationwide and worldwide

Virtual Office24 Standorte

Protect your home address and use a business address

Get on page 1 in Google with the right strategy

Successful with the Virtual Office Concept
by visibility & accessibility
Virtual Office24 Standorte
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What advantages does a
virtual office offer?

With the virtual office at AUXILIUM …

Haken 16 represent your company optimally at top locations in Germany, Europe and even worldwide!

Haken 16 become a regional provider in many cities and thus create the best conditions to rank on page 1 in Google!

Haken 16 consult in your own, virtual meeting rooms your newly acquired customers, clients, clients or patients!

Haken 16 advise you on request in exclusively equipped office rooms on site!

Haken 16 your private address always remains private, if you act e.g. from the HOME OFFICE!

Haken 16 save taxes properly as a GmbH or UG!

Virtual Office Vorteile

Mit dem Virtual OfficeKONZEPT

Haken 16 learn how to successfully advise your new customers online as well.

Haken 16 increase your turnover as well as your profit and win more new customers.

How does a virtual office work?


A virtual office is, so to speak, an “office without an office of its own”. You don’t rent a physical space, you rent

an officially recognised office at AUXILIUM ...

Bürogebäude in the form of a postal address, business address or domicile address, which, depending on the design, is also available to you for public deliveries or even entries in the commercial register. Your work can be done from any other location or home office.

an address at a top location ...


and represent your company there just as if you had your own offices there.

  1. This way, you often save over 90% on office rent compared to a traditional lease.
  2. You can get a virtual office including full service for as little as €69.
  3. This makes you regional provider with the best possibility of being on page 1 at Google. zu ranken.

the reception for your visitors ...

Begrüssung so that your customers, prospects, clients, business partners, etc. are always greeted in a friendly manner when they spontaneously visit you, drop something off or pick something up.

Your reachability service ...


because we answer the phone for you, answer on your behalf and connect you with your caller


we welcome every visitor to your website and get permission for you to contact them further.

This means for you: No new customer is lost to you anymore!

the good feeling ...

Gutes Gefühl to have done everything right to take your business to the next level and expand throughout Germany, Europe or even the world!

For whom is a virtual office suitable?

For Home Office Users

For entrepreneurs who work in a home office and want to protect their home address.

For start-ups

For founders of a GmbH or UG who do not want to rent expensive office space and do not want to accept any tax disadvantages.

Entrepreneurs & SMEs

For those who want to expand and open additional business locations in prime locations to expand their customer base.

Customize your Virtual Office package individually according to your needs.

If you have any questions or would like further advice, please contact us via the contact form at info@virtual-office24.com or call +49 421 95910100.

We look forward to seeing you!

And where do you stand?

Are you unsure whether a virtual office is right for you and which solution best suits your needs? Read our real-world examples of how a virtual office can help you take your business to the next level.


“I am Thomas W. and work as an architect in my home office. I no longer wanted my private address to appear on the internet…”

“My name is Sonja B. In our firm, I deal with new clients throughout the German-speaking region…”

“Hello, I’m Matthias. Together with my co-partner Lina, I have founded a new GmbH…”

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